Fusion XV


Fusion is one of the biggest hip-hop dance competitions on the West Coast. I was on the graphics team for the 15th iteration, and I created watercolor-themed advertising posters and badges for the competition.

At a Glance —

  • Tech Used: Photoshop

  • The Team: 11 Graphic Artists

  • A Fun Fact: 5,000 people attended the competition

The Design Process —

The Goal

To create graphics for advertising and administrative purposes with a watercolor theme.

Kickoff Event Advertisement Banner

I designed this banner as an advertisement for the Fusion XV Kickoff event, a preshow dance showcase that was held to build anticipation for the main dance competition. This advertisement banner was shown at UCSD’s Price Center, the main student center, for two weeks. It was also later selected for use as a projected backdrop for the kickoff event itself.




Name Tag Badges for the Main Competition

I collaborated with another designer on the team to create badges for the participants and staff. These badges were used during the main competition. There were three different categories of individuals: Performers, MCs and Judges, and Staff, and are differentiated using different color schemes. The badges can be seen below.